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- MOON by TeleVue85 -

The beautiful autumn full moon by Canon EOS 1Ds Mk2.
Not like Orion reflector, TV85 refractor did not made so much problem about bend of the optical axis. Because EOS1DsMk2 is 1.5kg include battery (without lens).
Dinamyc range is so wide and very good to take the moon picture. Also new version of Silky Pix works very fine to develop the RAW data.

The Full Moon rises again. Due to an Eclipse in North America, it was colored red, however in Japan, no eclipse. With this shot,I was just trying to bring the moon in, using Skysensor 2000 PC, then find a possible shot. The airplane in the forground of the picture has just come from the Osaka Itami Airport.
The photograph below is coincidental.However,in preparing to hopefully capture this kind of image,location of the telescope is paramount to success. Airport location and flight course information are also key, in addition to having a wide open area to work in.

November 26, 2005 Success to get the airliner with Sun!!

Fly me to the moon ..... 04/06/03

Orange Moon by Canon 10D + 100-400 IS L

The largest moon of the year. It rose colored orange. I took it with a 100-400 zoom. Then I brought out the TV85 and started setting up. Just when I was focusing something passed through from right to left. I automatically grabbed the cable release. Yes, I got it. The focal for Canon 10D plus Rasian 18mm does not give a very sharp image and it is so dark. But this one is a real coincidence.

moon 040506

The eclipse was yesterday evening. However, I missed it because of bad weather. This photo is not perfect revenge but it is just such a beautiful moon. Canon 10D's RAW mode gives very good detail with digital development on Silky Pix (beta version yet).


After taking a shot of Saturn, I turned my attention to the moon to pass time because a cloud blocked M42.
The moon is not an easy target for taking pictures. The big question is "how fine is the detail" with this monotone target? Even with a faster shutter speed, small blurs kill sharpness. Getting the fine full detail is so hard to do. This target has some deep things to try.
I'd like to try taking separate shots of the next full moon, and then merge them like a panorama.

moon_011230.jpg (40766 ???)01/12/30
At first, I found the bottom left side was dark and had no idea what it was. The day after I took this, however, I found information which told me it was a half shadow eclipse (if you see the sun at the moon, it is a partial eclipse of the sun).

moon_012127s.jpg (44808 ???)01/12/27
The TeleVue85's real quality shows up here. Also, I've used Nikon Coolpix5000 for this one. Therefore, the quality is very high. [Special Large Image]

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