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- Jupiter '03-'04 by Orion 300mm f4 -

Jupiter 04/05/05

It was holiday-season in Japan. Sorry for everybody because weather was so bad. At final day of the holidays, few chance comes up at last. I made up panels like partition to shut wind out around telescope. How it works? I think it worked. Let you see picture right for compare with pictures below. Maybe little bit better.

Well, Jupiter is already high at Southern sky in early evening. It is almost end of the season. Hopefully some good item will be released until next season.

Jupiter 2004-05-05

April 24, 2004 by Nagler 9mm Jupiter 04/04/24

Re-collimate very fine level at daytime then waited Jupiter early evening. The difference between usual shots below and this one is "used Nagrler instead usual Radian" eyepiece. Also used digital zoom 1.3x because I feel some of the sweat spot is available dependant on camera and lens. 1.4x was best at Nikon 950 then maybe 1.3 at Contax. Result left is not bad.
Actually this result is not good enough far when see the result of ToUcam on the any web pages. I want one more better result.
One of the fault is rotation and I was read limit is 2minutes at some of magazine. However, at web page, I found it can be calculated by "limited seconds = rotation hour x 8000 / equatorial view diameter / telescope diameter cm" and it is almost 62 seconds. About 180 shots is limit even by Contax then this is too far to get enough materials by still cameras. Maybe I have to think about some video or web cam.

(April 26, 2004 add the picture left above) -------------------------

At one of the famous web site of the planet pictures publishes this night's shots as not so far good as mine. So I decided to make one more picture from composite step then add here. Maybe not so much bad???

Jupiter 040424

Jupiter 04/04/20  

Jupiter Logitech Quick Cam Pro (old cmos model)

The old webcam "Logitech Quick Cam Pro" uses CMOS and not good enough for usage like this. But it was already in my hand and maybe good experience to try. Used K3CCD to get picture above. As result, I can say "Use webcam? It is good idea when you use ToUcam ONLY". But I'm not negative about possibility to find another way or new item which make possible to get beautiful picture more than ToUcam that not available at  the Market in Japan or USA (some is available but expensive as that).

Jupiter 040417 Jupiter 04/04/17

Seeing was so poor than yesterday. Selected source picture carefully to keep quality.

Jupiter 04/04/16

The picture right taken by Contax SL300R T*. Took more than 300 shots but seeing was so poor.  If make it as small as VGA, then looks not so big different with ToUcam's result  at under bad seeing like this.

Actually, trying to take it with Logitech web cam. But looks so poor result then used Contax as backup.


Jupiter 040416

compare the any results

Jupiter 04/04

At any web sites, we can see beautiful result of Phillips ToUcam web camera. However, it is not available officially at Japanese market. All available ToUcam are new Pro II and price has been doubled or more as remake item to connect with telescope.

At the same time, Logitech web cam is in my hand. First time I've used Logitech web cam 8 years ago and it is already useless. So I can pick up some parts from that. Therefore, I decided to modify the Logitech web cam for telescope. But no good result I've got yet.

webcam wth telescope

Maybe no good because Contax with lens or no lens with web cam but not ToUcam SONY CCD ? Yes, it is possible but, at the same time, the question is, why ToUcam is so high quality? Why Phillips did not pushing to sale ToUcam so much even does not shown their own web site?

Everything is question and I keeping try to new. It is very easy to spend money for ToUcam and make same picture. But at the other hand, find the way is a part of hobby, right?




Jupiter 0404 11 - 12 Jupiter 04/04/11 12

I hope best seeing but it is only Jesus knows. Until hit the very good night, but still have to bring telescope out because maybe good , maybe bad, night by night.

So, not so good one but I could make left. Satellites are adjusted on Photoshop as different layer.


Jupiter 04/04/09 (4/13 remake and additionally up)

The picture right composite by Stella Image 4 to get  different image by finishing. Still puzzling the way to get good result.

Am I have to use ToUcam?? Well, my feeling is not but.....

Jupiter 040409
Jupiter 040409 Jupiter 04/04/09

After found the way to take, task to make comes more fine, more clear. Human being  has endless desire and I am not exception. However, after this point, dependant on a condition then only God knows.

BTW, this year's  Jovian large spot is very yellow like shown on picture left.


Jupiter 040406 Jupiter 04/04/06

What is difficulty to take picture of Jupiter for still photographer? It is rotation. To take picture of Jupiter, about 2 minutes is limit. Then have to take a lot of possible in 2 minutes to get enough shots to composite.
However, almost every digital camera is not so good at continuity shooting except one bland "Kyocera". Or, change the tool to Video because 30fps. But video has only VGA size max.
So, I was puzzling again and again then finally decided to buy the Kyocera's camera with continuity shooting ability . (more story)


This is the result of Kyocera's CONTAX  SL300RT*. This camera made over 300 shots possible in 2 minutes. Limit is more than 1800 planet shots in 256MB SD card.  
Photo right: Compare the picture by Nikon E5000 and Contax.
Shoot a lot makes surface detail smoother.

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